Paving Our New Art Land - Curator Lin Kun-ying X Program Curator Chen Yan-bin of the "New Taipei City Arts Festival"

A new art land signifies the rebirth of a piece of land, a vessel that carries the collective memory of generations, and also a state of mind - standing on the nourishing land, maintaining a fresh perspective on the world. In 2023, the New Taipei City Government's Department of Cultural Affairs is organizing the New Taipei City Arts Festival under the theme of "New Art Land," exploring a new perspective of contemporary art from the original history, ethnic groups, and culture of New Taipei.

Curator Lin Kun-ying and program curator Chen Yan-bin share their insights on how the urban art festival revitalizes the "impressions of New Taipei City." Lin Kun-ying talks about the geography of New Taipei City, which fosters ethnic harmony and cultural diversity. Festivals also embody the concept of "renewal and fusion," translating the diverse and hybrid nature of New Taipei City through performing arts and visual installations. He hopes that the New Taipei City Art Festival will show the city's confidence and essence while highlighting the process of artistic exploration and boundary-breaking in New Taipei City.

When conceiving the programs, program curator Chen Yan-bin envisions not only the main stage but also the organic nature of the park. As a result, he plans both fixed and roaming performances, utilizing the advantage of the undulating terrain of the new land of the Dahan River, allowing performers and audiences to interact and perform throughout the park. "Instead of following predefined paths, we can explore the park more freely." This is the feature of the New Taipei City Arts Festival, offering more exploratory paths in the newly established museum park.

Besides the public art installations, the New Taipei City Arts Festival also focuses on public participation and introduces the "Citywide Sound Tour." This allows sound to serve as a sensory guide, enabling the audience to listen to the sounds of the city, such as street vendors' calls, pottery-making sounds, musical performances, and bustling voices. On the islands and among the hills, the New Taipei City Arts Festival welcomes the public to step on their own path of exploration.

Paving Our New Art Land - Curator Lin Kun-ying X Program Curator Chen Yan-bin of the "New Taipei City Arts Festival"

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