When Art Serves as a Trigger, Resounding the Sound of a City - Dialogue between Lai Hsiang-Ling and HU Sean C.S

What qualities should a good urban arts festival possess? Curator HU Sean C.S.believes that a good arts festival must be connected to "community localization" and requires continuous accumulation to become deeply rooted in the city. Consultant Lai Hsiang-Ling, on the other hand, discusses the agency of urban arts festivals in social practice, hoping that art can provide new perspectives and lead people to interpret the city, thereby imagining the future possibilities of the city. This extension can further address issues of cultural governance and urban governance in the public sector.

Both of them agree that consensus and participation among government agencies, artists, and audiences are crucial for effectively achieving the goals of an urban arts festival. Consultant Lai Hsiang-Ling specifically mentions that in urban arts festivals, one can see the practice of art equity and empowerment often explored in contemporary art. When the city becomes a public "crucial site" through artistic intervention, it can promote critical thinking and transformative momentum. Art here serves not only as a medium but also as an engine driving urban transformation.

In the "New Art Land for:The New Taipei City Arts Festival”, with the New Taipei City Art Museum as its centerpiece, HU Sean C.S.metaphorically compares art to a printing plate in relation to a city: art opens up our thinking about the city and redefines our position within it. At this moment, the New Taipei City Art Museum plays a crucial role, and finding a unique perspective that belongs to New Taipei City and breaking through from it will be a great challenge. Lai Hsiang-Ling strongly agrees with this view: "An urban arts festival must have a sense of spatial specificity." The openness and democracy of a space are closely related. When a new civic space is created, from the perspective of cultural policy promotion, it can be seen as the first step in the cultural governance of the New Taipei City government.

When Art Serves as a Trigger, Resounding the Sound of a City - Dialogue between Lai Hsiang-Ling and HU Sean C.S

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