In Terms of Sport


In Terms of Sport

When we talk about sports, what do we talk about? What do we truly observe when we watch sports? Do moments of physical activity in daily life—spanning recreation, workout, and athletics—entail experiences that revolve not really around movement? Coinciding with the 2024 Paris Olympics, the New Taipei City Art Museum, adjacent to the Yingge Civil Sports Center, is presenting “In Terms of Sport,” an exhibition that integrates indoor (playgrounds, stadiums) and outdoor (cities, streets) sports. This thematic exhibition aims to dismantle and challenge contemporary society’s mainstream perceptions of “sports.”

Starting from the everyday moment in sports, “In Terms of Sport” invites the public to visit the Creative Cluster of the New Taipei City Art Museum and experience the multiple narratives surrounding sports. Here, we will explore unconventional sports venues, read stories of sports in Taiwan, encounter the impeccable and invisible national team in Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi’s works, witness the rotational movement in Luo Jr-shin’s Look at Me Grooving and Yang Chi-chuan’s "Just Playing a Game," step into the dynamic soundscape of Taiwan’s mountains and forests by Sayun Chang, move forward amidst the laborers’ song by Amol K. Patil, dance to Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca’s SWINGUERRA from the Brazilian streets, and gaze at the California’s ocean in Gabriella Angotti-Jones’s I Just Wanna Surf. These exhibition narratives weave together identity, colonial history, political dynamics, and social issues, offering an alternative routine of sports as well as a different kind of physical education class at the museum.

  • Curator: Tsou Ting

    Gabriella Angotti-Jones
    Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca
    Amol K. Patil
    Sayun Chang
    Hayahisa Tomiyasu
    Yang Chi Chuan
    Luo Jr Shin
    Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi

2024-07-05 — 2024-11-17


Creative Cluster, New Taipei City Art Museum