Art Camping: Let's Go! Exploring the Land with Art!

Art Camping:出發! 我們和藝術在大地探險!

Art Camping: Let's Go! Exploring the Land with Art!

Starting from the New Taipei City Art Museum, we extend to the communities and environment surrounding SanYing. Our aim is to deepen the connection between art and nature. Through environmental observations and collective creation, we present each individual's unique perspective and the authentic aspects of local life. The New Taipei City Art Museum serves as a nurturing hub. Here, not only do the arts accompany the community, but they go further and create a partnership of co-living, co-learning, and co-creation.

"Art Camping: Let's Go! Exploring the Land with Art" is more than an exhibition; it is a heart-warming adventure filled with local elements. We believe that art connects people, the environment, and life. Let us get our hands dirty, get deep into the nature, and find freedom of mind and spirit within.

Two artists from different fields are joining us on this special journey as local guides: Yi-Chang Lai and Yu-Han Yeh, along with two experienced local guides: Mei-Hui Lin from SanYing Community College and Chi-Huang Hsieh from Cheng-Fu Elementary School. They will host a number of workshops and artist-led creative sessions, where they guide participants in deep dialogues between art and everyday life to spark reflections.

This exhibition showcases co-created works involving local residents. In collaboration with SanYing Community College, we will host a flower and plants feast during the opening ceremony, as well as a series of events throughout the exhibition, including guided tours of the artworks, workshops, lectures, and more. We welcome everyone to embark on an artful adventure, discovering the beauty of people, communities, and the nature, and shining through arts together.


Between Mountains and Rivers

Between Mountains and Rivers

Local Guide: Mei-Hui Lin from SanYing Community
Artist: Yi-Chang Lai

Sanxia and Yingge are separated by Dahan River; Yuan Mountain and Yingge Stone gaze at each other from afar. The ecology and environment bear witness to various plant landscapes shaped by human activities and industrial interventions. This project aims to explore the connections and stories between nature and civilization, as well as between the two mountain ranges on the north and south banks of the Dahan River, through the collection and study of local plants and craftsmanship.

Oh Hey, You're Here?!

Oh Hey, You're Here?!

Local Guide: Chi-Huang Hsieh from Cheng-Fu Elementary School
Artist: Yu-Han Yeh

"Cherish what you have; you are lovely as you are" – this is how we felt when we first met local educator Chi-Huang Hsieh. Through cyanotype and photography, Hsieh guided rural students to document and get to know their hometown, Sanxia. What appears to be simply the Ministry of Education's local education program was actually a marathon of passing down local history and culture.

Our encounter with Hsieh inspired us to use animation to capture moments of field study with children, to carry on this legacy. Through the charm of frame-by-frame animation and the perspective of children, we present a glance of Sanxia.


2023-11-11 — 2024-01-09


Creative Cluster, New Taipei City Art Museum