NTCAM On the Move — Sensing Nature


NTCAM On the Move — Sensing Nature

The New Taipei City Art Museum(NTCAM) launches the project “NTCAM On the Move” and stages the exhibition “Sensing Nature” in collaboration with the Tamsui Historical Museum and the 435 Art Zone this year, seeking to explore Tamsui, Banqiao and Pinglin along the river and trace the history of the city in the company of the river through art.



Chuang Chih-Wei

Chen Ke-ting

Chen Shu-Yen

Chen Sheng-Wen

Chiu Chen-Hun

Sensing Nature
If someone asks you about the distance between you and nature,
would you measure it with your heart or with a ruler?
Or do you feel that you’re surely part of nature and already living in it?
How do you embrace and love nature as a city dweller?
Do our lives take priority over those of butterflies, bees, goats, and black bears?
If the city indeed evolves towards intelligence and civilization,
why does the civilized life render people desperately lonely and isolated?
Someday an emotional connection will be developed between the robot and me,
which will bring my dead pet back to life.
Can we manufacture nature?

The exhibition invites the artists to address the issues concerning ecological cycle, environmental sustainability, landscape reminiscence, urban memory, and social media through their works in which the rheological nature of this place and its history find expression. Besides, this exhibition acts in tandem with the “Artists’ Special Exhibition at the 435 Art Zone,” aiming to open up broad, far-reaching aesthetic horizons for the soon to be inaugurated New Taipei City Art Museum to offer diverse art experiences.


①NTCAM On the Move
Chiu Chen Hung
Chen Sheng Wen
Chen Shu yen
Chen Ke Ting
Chuang Chih Wei

②Artists’ Special Exhibition at the 435 Art Zone
Empty Art Collective
111 Plus Design
Bridgehead Art Studio – Chou Hsueh-Han
NO!W Across Lab
Wang Yi-Ting
Yu Shih-Fu
Kondo Satoru
Liao Chao-Hao
Hsieh Huai-Hsien
Jhou Yu


The Tamsui Customs Wharf
435 Art Zone

2022-10-08 — 2022-12-06


Two Locations


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