Wang Chien-Wang and Sun Yi-Cheng Discuss the Triangular Relationship in the Field of Art Education—Opening the Gateway to Unleash Imagination

Since 2019, the New Taipei City Art Museum has made outreach and promotion for and with children its core mission, calling upon artists, teachers, and students to collaborate in promoting STEAM education with art at its core. The goal is to sow the seeds of artistic empowerment in the fertile ground of education. The results of the past three years will be presented to the public in the "Trilateral Relationship" exhibition. We have invited Wang Chien-Wang, the Principal of Min-An Elementary School, and Sun Yi-Cheng, curator of "Trilateral Relationship" to explore the world of aesthetics learning for the next generation through the lens of STEAM education.

The globally prevalent STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) educational system integrates courses from various fields and promotes more flexible teaching methods. Differing from current teaching designs that often prioritize technology with art as a supplementary element, the New Taipei City Art Museum and Principal Wang Chien-Wang have attempted to incorporate "art" as the main focus. They have developed interdisciplinary courses that center around art and humanities, connecting different educational stages. "Art cannot always be in a supporting role. We are also exploring what contemporary art can offer. We aim to use various media to spark children's interest and make them enjoy participating in art," says Principal Wang Chien-Wang.

Curator of "Trilateral Relationship" Sun Yi-Cheng, seeks to explore the evolving relationship between artists, teachers, and students within STEAM education programs. This transformation shifts from isolation to collaborative learning. Artists bring new perspectives and thinking to teachers and students, simultaneously gaining creative energy and opportunities to present their works to the public. The exhibition not only showcases art creations by children but also reveals how artists, teachers, and students break free from traditional roles, forming an open, organic, and fluid new community.


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