Huang Shan-Shan:The art museum serves as a base to cultivate on-site daily perception

How might a modern art museum evoke a visceral response? According to Huang Shan-Shan, the director of Jut Art Museum, it all begins with stimulating perceptions.

The intersection of art museums and street culture is determined not only by the artwork that is taken out of exhibitions, but also by the themes presented by the museum. Huang, who studied at the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology at the University of Tokyo, gained valuable insights while working at Yokohama Triennale and Mori Art Museum. Through these experiences, she was able to observe how Japanese arts and culture are internalized in areas such as dieting, clothing, accommodation, and transportation.

Huang spoke about the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, referring to the city as "small Kyoto" due to its traditional nature. She noted that the co-existence of traditional and contemporary art in this environment is important for building a foundation for modern art museums. Huang emphasized the significance of field research and respecting local culture when integrating with the community. To make art more accessible to locals, she believes it's crucial to incorporate it into everyday life. This approach informs her communication strategy through art museums by prioritizing attention on daily experiences.

The exhibition "Design-Ah" at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, designed and co-planned by Japanese architecture master Andou Tadao and Issey Miyake, left a lasting impression on Huang. The innovative use of the word "あ", the first sound in the Japanese syllabary, was extended to sounds, fonts, and images creating a lifelike perspective for observing everyday objects. This art museum refines cultural heritage in a realistic manner by opening up fields and connecting places to broaden the accessibility of art and museums while incubating daily perceptions within cultural scenes.

Huang Shan-Shan:The art museum serves as a base to cultivate on-site daily perception

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