Discover the New Taipei City Art Museum Park!

Located on reclaimed land at the confluence of the Yingge and Dahan Rivers, the New Taipei City Art Museum Park (NTCAM) is designed to break away from the stereotypical "white box" format of traditional art museums by incorporating the inclusivity of mountains and water.

According to the planning office director of NTCAM, Chen Chun-Mei, the museum’s main building is used as the core to integrate surrounding outdoor spaces that make the whole park a museum. The convenient location weaves together the Yingge Ceramics Museum, the sports center, and the art villages around Yingge to create a cohesive picture. Furthermore, it seamlessly links the neighboring private and public museums, forming a captivating art corridor in New Taipei City. NTCAM Park unites the functions of art, ecology, leisure, and sports. When you walk into the park, you'll see how delicately interlaced art and nature can be. The park offers a relaxing and slow-paced environment where the sun shines to introduce a laid-back route in between the dynamic spaces. Lighting Design Consultant blends the luminous environment with humans and nature. The lighting design continues the pipe appearance of the museum’s main building to represent natural imagery in which the light sways the reed and glows gently. At night, light guides the paths, and during the day, the wayfinding system shows the way.

AGUA Design follows the concept of "less is more" and uses minimal guidance to help people navigate the park. Multiple entrance designs practiced the idea of "opening up the art museum," allowing the public to freely travel between indoor and outdoor spaces. AGUA Design extends the museum’s brand identity to the signage design. They also follow the main color palette of NTCAM for section indicators and effectively communicate with their audience through the use of colors. Agua believes that wayfinding is a science: "It takes time to constantly test and debug. When building a new space, there will inevitably be some changes. Retaining the flexibility for on-site staff and the public to collaborate is to achieve the best signage design in the spirit of 'co-creation'!"

Discover the New Taipei City Art Museum Park!

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