Welcome to the new art museum: Meet curators Frank Huang and Huang Yen-Ying

As the New Taipei City Art Museum nears completion, the curators Frank Huang and Huang Yen-Ying are gearing up to welcome visitors to their exciting projects: "Making Circle" and "New Friends." The museum, although still in construction, boasts a range of outdoor spaces, the Creative Cluster, and The Pavilion that are already prepared to offer a tantalizing preview of what's yet to come.

These curations are shrouded in uncertainty, and that's exactly what makes it so intriguing. The curators aim to foster original and limitless chemistry between locals and the museum, starting with "Container Monster" interactive installation art that encourages graffiti creation with friends of all ages. With more than 40 workshops scheduled, the artists will collaborate with visitors to produce artwork and inspire nearby communities and schools to participate in the excitement. Throughout the exhibition, card quizzes, drawing, and writing will be used to introduce the NTCAM to the audience, building a connection between the visitors and the museum that may shape its future.

The curators' opening programs throw art pebbles into the lake of life, eagerly awaiting the ripples that will follow. Will NTCAM become a topic of discussion under the banyan tree in the community? Will the train to NTCAM park be as cheerful as the train to Disneyland once the MRT is complete? New and undefined are the words that describe the New Taipei City Art Museum. So, why not come and visit, and be part of shaping its future?

Welcome to the new art museum: Meet curators Frank Huang and Huang Yen-Ying

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